• Finalist, Tidal 18

    Finalist, Tidal 18

    Finalist Eddystone Point Tidal Pool - Noon, 2018Watercolour on Paper

  • Weather Events

    Weather Events

    Once an innocent conversation opener, the subject of weather now leads more often than not to speculation about unusual weather patterns, often of dramatic proportions and the dirty topic of “climate change”. The work for this project negotiates this conversation through observation, speculation and direct register of weather events. Within each painting, surfaces or incidents can be seen as part of a field or constellation of possibilities: you may find black frost, hail, fog or smoke as well as debris clouds of embers, dust, soot and pollen.

    Penny Mason

    June 2018

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    Title Weather Events

    watercolour and ink on paper


  • Contemplations...


    Contemplations on the Coincidence of Matter, Time and Space

    The series, Contemplations on the Coincidence of Matter, Time and Space are composites of reveries drawn from recollections of random deposits of detritus on White Beach, Flinders Island. The works are organised as interspersed suggestions of shifting pebble beds, shell debris, vegetation and animal remnants as well as lost or discarded human belongings. I aim to capture their constant rearrangement by the action of water and wind and their appearance of drifting across limitless space.

    The forces that shape the landscape; including the effects of gravity, temperature, air and water flow and vibrations are determined by the same principles across the universe. I apply these principles when using the alluvial and aqueous qualities of the watercolour painting techniques to create evocations of the mysterious ebb and flow of time, space and matter. Like breaking waves on a shoreline, these material processes reveal a state of continuous emergence.

    I am in awe of the chain of coincidence that creates the energy, turbulence and ephemerality of phenomena in time and space that comprises the universe, the earth and human habitats. For me, beaches are perfect sites for contemplating the wonder of these systems and my place within them.

    Penny Mason

    February 2018

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    Title Storm Debris White Beach #4

    h74 x w73.5cms

    watercolour and ink on paper


  • A decolonial geographic

    A decolonial geographic, an exhibition of work by Richard Bell, Jon Cattapan, Juan Davila, Kerry Gregan, Raafat Ishak, Penny Mason, Alex Pittendrigh, Jessica Rankin, Judy Watson, Megan Walch and Ruth Waller was presented at the Devonport Regional Art Gallery last year and recently at the Plimsoll Gallery, Hunter St Hobart.